Honda CB 500 X - My first motorcycle

Honda CB 500 X - My first motorcycle

Honda CB 500 X - My first motorcycle

It is done! After getting my motorcycle license in November 2020, I managed to endure an endless winter, waiting to be able to start riding. During the snowy months of the year, I have only been a motorcyclist in my fantasy by watching endless hours of motorcycle videos and movies and reading books on the topic.

But finally, when spring was around the corner, my journey to buy a motorcycle began. And I can tell you, it has been no easy task ;)

Hours, days and weeks of research brought me to the conclusion that I would most likely try to get a V-Strom 650 or a Versys 650. But then, when the time came to try to find actual offers in my area and to look at bikes, there weren't that many of those bikes around.

The first motorcycle I had a look at was a Suzuki GSR 600, and this was also the time that I realized that inspecting a bike as a beginner is really really difficult. There's just no way I could judge the bike's condition and no way I could tell if I'm getting screwed over or not.

This lead me to seek out only dealers, as they'll give you some kind of warranty and need to care for their reputation. So I checked out the bikes at every dealer in and around Vienna.

In the end, I bought a bike I knew very little about, A CB 500 X. It's funny, isn't it? We spend so much time with theory, evaluate the theoretical best bike for our needs, compare all kinds of stats and then... reality ends up totally different!

Honda CB 500 X