Hello 👋
I'm Manuel and I run this website. The question is... why? Well, thing is. I got into motorcycling at the end of 2020 and bought my first bike in 2021. Having never owned a vehicle before, it's been quite a journey so far. In a short period of time, I discovered so many new places and experienced new things by riding a motorbike, that I came to realize two things. First, there are probably many others out there, like me, who would be amazed by the things you can find on the road. Especially if you're living somewhere else the roads and landscapes that I visit might be completely new and exciting to you. Second, we all know how it is. We get into a new hobby and it's all excitement, at least in the beginning. Then, after time, things start to wear off. We get used to what we do, zone out. This is not how I want this to go. I want to collect memories and experiences, and save them to brighten my day in whatever times will come up in the future.
If you're interested in what I do as a Software Engineer you should totally check out my portfolio site.
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